GEO CORE is an NSF sponsored collaboration between Suffolk County Community College, Stony Brook University's Department of Geosciences and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Geological Survey - Water Resources Division, and private industry partners to provide pathways for students from high school to college and into geoscience careers and professional development activities to in-service teachers.

SCCC's GEO CORE project provides field- and place-based active learning workshops that encourage students to employ information gained in classroom settings to solve real-world challenges. All GEO CORE activities have been designed specifically to maximize student motivation to pursue science education, highlight specific issues facing our communities, and provide real-life technical experience and networking opportunities. GEO CORE participants will work directly with a team of scientists, academics, government agencies and industry representatives to gain the experience necessary to become successful geoscientists.